Dick DeVos needs to resign as Board Chair of the Global Leadership Network due to his consistent record of protecting corrupt leadership

The DeVos family made it publicly known this week that they will use their money to continue to protect Donald Trump. Their spokesperson made it clear that they are withdrawing future financial support from Justin Amash who became the first... Read more →

My 2015-2016 Ministry Leadership syllabi at Bethel Seminary

Here are some of my syllabi from the 2015-2016 school year at Bethel Seminary. Introduction to Transformational Leadership (hybrid of online with synchronous sessions and intensive) Download 00 Syllabus ML523 Rowell 2015-09-30 Organizational Leadership and Church Governance (traditional) Download 00... Read more →

My Fall 2013 Required Textbooks at Bethel Seminary for Discipleship, Evangelism, and Leadership courses

Here are the textbooks I am requiring for my three Ministry Leadership (ML) courses this fall at Bethel Seminary (St. Paul, MN). I am teaching each of these courses this three times this year and I am teaching each in... Read more →

Jim Whitehurst, President and CEO of Red Hat: Competing as a 21st century Enterprise among 20th century Giants

Today I'm attending the third day and last day of the Fuqua School of Business & Coach K Leadership Conference. I thought I would post my notes. Disclaimer. These are not exact transcription or exact quotes but rather just my... Read more →

Ken Carder's course The Local Church in Mission to God's World books

I am the preceptor (teaching assistant) for retired United Methodist Church Bishop Ken Carder’s course “The Local Church in Mission to God’s World” this semester at Duke Divinity School. Here are the books on the reading list and his syllabus.... Read more →