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Free Churches and Liturgical Churches: Behind the Numbers

My post is up at Christianity Today's Leadership Journal Out of Ur blog: Catalyst, Liturgy, and Innovation What liturgical church leaders and the Catalyst Conference can learn from each other. It has also been published in a slightly different form... Read more →

The research behind my post at Out of Ur: Missional vs. Attractional: Debating the Research

See the post I coauthored with the editors of Leadership Journal at the Out of Ur blog: Missional vs. Attractional: Debating the Research What do the numbers say? It depends who you ask. by Url Scaramanga & Andy Rowell Summary:... Read more →

Being a pastor's wife is sometimes the only way a woman can be involved in church leadership

Another outstanding piece from Lauren Winner at Leadership Journal's Out of Ur blog. Married to the Ministry: has the pastor’s wife’s role changed for better or worse? She says that some women who were not allowed to pastor themselves, married... Read more →

Andy Stanley Says There is No Such Thing as Distinctively Spiritual Leadership

Here are my comments on the article: Is Ministry Leadership Different? Andy Stanley and Jim Collins in an unexpected point-counterpoint by Eric Reed at Leadership Journal's Out of Ur blog: Andy Stanley, pastor of the third most influential church in... Read more →