Willow Creek Community Church

Dick DeVos needs to resign as Board Chair of the Global Leadership Network due to his consistent record of protecting corrupt leadership

The DeVos family made it publicly known this week that they will use their money to continue to protect Donald Trump. Their spokesperson made it clear that they are withdrawing future financial support from Justin Amash who became the first... Read more →

Tim Keller on Willow Creek, ecclesiology, and preaching

I highly recommend New York City pastor Tim Keller's first two blog posts: The "Kingly" Willow Creek Conference He describes Willow Creek as "kingly", Reformed as "prophetic", and emerging as "priestly." I agreed with him--giving a couple lengthy comments--trying to... Read more →

Willow Creek's Discipleship Problem: How to Fix the Seeker-driven Church

Update, December 10, 2007 As I suspected, the interpretation and methodology of the Reveal study are deeply flawed. I like Willow Creek's ministry model but they have really bungled this survey. See the Review of Reveal by Bradley Wright, a... Read more →